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Click Counter Online

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What is a Click Counter?

Clicking counter is an online tool that is used worldwide specifically by gamers to check the clicking speed of your mouse. The clicking speed of a mouse is calculated in terms of Clicks Per Second (CPS). Therefore, this online tool is also known as CPS Test.

Through this tool, the clicking speed of a mouse is calculated by the number of clicks per second within a specific selected time range. There are various time ranges available for this free online available tool such as 1 second test, 5 seconds test, and 10 seconds test and so on.

Why do you need an online counter?

An online counter can be used for variety of purposes. The clicker counter tool is compatible with almost every device that is used in today’s world, i.e. laptops, desktop computers, mobiles, tablets etc. There is no restriction of any age or gender what so ever and you can search for this tool on worldwide web through any device, to take the click counter test.

This tool can be used by anyone as explained earlier and for any purpose according to their wish and desire. One benefit of using this tool is that after taking a test you can share your test results with anyone you want and even you can invite your friends and family to take this test as a recreational purpose and compete against one another. Another benefit of taking this test is that if you like to play games and you need to improve your clicking speed, you can take this test as many times as you like, as this tool is totally free of cost until you are satisfied with your test results and your clicking speed.

There are several records for the Click Speed Test, you can also practice and compete for the world record championship and break the record. This online tool help the users to perform better in games and daily routine tasks, the greater the CPS score, the better you have performed. This tool also acts as a stress reliever if it is played as a game and not as an improvement tool.

How does a CPS Clicks Counter Work?

Clicks counter online works simply on the principle “the number of times mouse button has been clicked divided by the number of seconds”. If you are using a time frame of 5 seconds, then the tool will calculate how many times you have clicked the mouse button in 5 seconds, and once the time finishes, it will calculate your clicks per second simply by dividing total number of clicks by time.

Once you have selected the time frame on which you want to check your clicking speed, you need to click on the game. On your first click, the game will automatically start and it will continue until 5 seconds are up. Once your time is up, the tool will tell you about your clicking speed in that specific time frame off course.

If you think that you can do better, you can again select the time frame and play the game again. You can continue to play the game until you get the desired results. One feature of this tool is that there is an option with which you can send invites to your friends and family for playing the game and you can even share your results with them, which will motivate them to play with you. Each time you would use this online tool, your performance would get better and you will feel proud of yourself for the progress that you have made.

Salient feature of click counter

There are a lot of features which makes this tool different from all the tools that are available over the internet. Some of the features are listed below.

  • This tool has “Multiple Time Variation” options present. You can select anyone of them according to your need and start the game.
  • This tools counts numbers, objects, mouse clicks, keyboard taps, inventory, exercise reps, money, sports scores and anything you can counts with online tally counter with every different time frame.
  • This tool also counts CPS (Clicks per second) in different time frames.
  • This tool is totally free to use. All you need to have is a working internet connection and a device to play on.
  • There is absolutely no registration required and there is no restriction of any kind of gender and age limit. Even children under their parents or guardians supervision can use this online tool.
  • This tool is compatible with all sorts of browsers, android and iOS.
  • This tool is also use-able on any mobile & tablets with internet connection availability option.

Clicker Counter – FAQ’s

What is tally counter?

A tally counter is a mechanical or electronic software and device used to incrementally count something, typically fleeting. One of the most common things tally counters are used for is counting people, animals, or things that are coming and going from some location.

What are up-down counters?

Up-and-down counters, also known as counters that can count in either direction through a count sequence, can be reversed at any point from a mathematical sequence by means of an external switch. For example, in a digital counter, one can reverse the direction of counting by switching the polarity of the data lines.

What are the advantages of click counters?

The online click counter helps you count the number of clicks, people, inventory count, or exercise count, etc. It s an online counter-clicker that a good deal tallies the number of clicks you do from the funny buttons, smartphones, and other electronics. The online counter clicker is the easiest way to help you to count the clicks when you need them. The quantity of clicks is clearly seen by the online counter.

One frequent use for a Clicker Counter is to count people, animals, or things that are coming and going from a particular location. For example, if you are at a restaurant and want to know how many people are coming in the door, or how many people are leaving the restaurant, you can use a Clicker Counter to keep track of this information.

What is a clicker counter called?

Most commonly, an online clicks counter is called ” Online Tally Counter & Online Number Counter”.

How do you use a clicker counter?

Online clicker counter tool is very easy to use. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Click Counter tool from the menu presented in left menu.
  • Select your desire time frame to start clicking
  • At the end of the timer you will be given your clicking scores

What is an online Tasbeeh counter?

An online Tasbeeh counter is a web application that helps Muslims keep track of the number of times they have recited the Tasbeeh Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar). This can be helpful for people who are trying to increase their recitation of these phrases.

What is an online digital object counter?

An online digital object counter is a tool that helps you keep track of the number of objects on your website. It counts the number of objects on each page and provides a total for the entire website. This can be helpful for tracking the number of objects on your pages and ensuring that you don’t go over your limit.

Is there an app to keep tally?

Yes, there are some mobile application that can be used as online tally counter.  Primarily, people love to use online web applications just like you can online counting tool presented on the top of this page.