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Kohi Click Test

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What is Kohi Clicking Test

Kohi click test is a method of pressing on a mouse button, spacebar button or any other button on a keyboard to gain more clicks per second. It is called Kohi click testing because it was introduced on MineCraft server named KOHI. The KOHI server was founded by Kurtis Welch at the time and the technique was also used by him on that server for the first time. The official server is now gone, but not forgotten.

KOHI click tester is a technique of pressing buttons to get more clicks per second as compared to normal people. This technique involves using two fingers of the same hand alternatively rather than one, to get more score on the scoreboard and to perform extraordinarily in the game competitions. The idea is to use your index finger and middle finger alternatively on the same button and you would be able to click more times as compared to normal clicking.

This technique is very well known among the gamers, who constantly try to outlast their competition in games like Minecraft. By practising more and more, you can beat your competition, because would be able to click more times than your opponent and hence WIN.

Popular Types of KOHI Click Testing:

As mentioned in the start, KOHI Clicking can be performed on various computer devices. It can be performed on a mouse, on any button on your keyboard and also your spacebar key. This technique is vastly used by the gamers to perform well in the gaming competitions and make name for them. All the brief details about these different types of KOHI Test re given below:

  • KOHI Test for Mouse Buttons:

This Test can be performed on mouse button, by placing your two fingers over the button and alternatively pressing it with each, to increase the speed of your clicking. KOHI Clicker test for mouse is performed for different time intervals of your choosing. The recommended time duration is of 5 seconds, which gives you most accurate results as compared to different time frames. Apart from the 5 second test, we offer 1 second test, 10 seconds test, 20 seconds test, 30 seconds test, 60 seconds test and 100 seconds test.

  • KOHI Test for Keyboard Buttons:

This is the test that is performed on any keyboard button using the same technique. This test also enhances the typing speed of a person, after practising and mastering this technique. Primarily, KOHI Test was used by the gamers to perform better in the games and enhance their ability to kill their enemies more efficiently. The test for any button for the keyboard comes in the same time intervals as for the mouse.

  • KOHI Test for Space bar Button:

This is the test designed specifically for the spacebar key on your keyboard. The basic technique and the results are the same for every KOHI test, whether performed on a mouse or a keyboard. Some games are played using the space bar button, to jump and avoid hurdles or to target something in the game. If you are efficient and active, then you would outperform your opponents and win the title. KOHI Test does exactly that, makes you efficient and active.

Why is the clicking speed important in Minecraft, PVP and FPS Games?

If you have a good clicking speed in Minecraft or PVP and FPS games, you will always have an edge on your opponent. Clicking speed increases your efficiency and ability to play strike first and win in the games. If you would have a higher clicking speed, then you would always have a chance to strike first and lead the game leaving your opponents stressed and always thinking about taking revenge, which would eventually allow them to make mistakes and loose.

For example, if you can click 14 times in a second and you opponent can click 10 times, then you have an upper hand because of your higher clicking speed and you will always be ahead.

How to Kohi click like a Pro?

Getting more clicks per second through KOHI clicking technique is helpful for games like Minecraft and other PVP and FPS games. If you are not good at KOHI clicking technique, you can master it by practising again and again. Remember that not everyone is born with the talent; some people achieve it by practising day and night. Similarly, if you are not a pro in this technique, you can become one by following simple and useful methods.

You can come online on our website and practice this technique on daily basis. Each time you start a new practising session, try to bet your previous record and keep note of it. It is matter of days when you will master this technique and beat your opponents in the games.

Each time you take a practice session, afterwards play Minecraft and implement what you have learned in your practice onto the real game. This would tell you your real time progress and also whether you need to learn more or not.

To use this technique and see an actual increase in your CPS, you should use a professional gaming mouse and not an ordinary mouse that comes with your computer. KOHI technique works best with a professional mouse and really helps develop your skills for the gaming competition.

How to conduct a KOHI CPS test to track your clicking skills?

You can come online from anywhere and anytime you think you have time on our website and use this KOHI cps tester to know about the status and speed of your clicking. As soon as you open our web-page, look for KOHI Click Speed Test, click on the link and a new window will open. There are several different times frame options available on our web-page, select anyone of those options and click on the mouse button when you think you are ready.

The game would be started with one single click, once the game is started, there is no going back. You need to focus on the game and continue clicking until the timer stops. Once the game is over, you would be notified with your results. You can continue this process as many times as you want, once you are satisfied with your results, then you can go and destroy your opponents in the real gaming world.

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Should you use Auto Clicker to check your KOHI Click Speed Test?

You should never use an Auto Clicker tool while taking a KOHI Click Speed Test. It would give you false hope while practising, but once you would use an Auto Clicker tool in the real game, it would detect the fraudulent behaviour and most probably you will be banned for using unethical means to score high. You should not even use Auto Clicker while practising your technique online on our web-page, because this way you would never know your true strength and clicking speed. So avoid using this tool and have faith in yourself and one day you would succeed using your own strength.

How to click fast in KOHI speed test?

If you are a first time user, then you would probably fail miserably in your first attempt, but as the time would pass and you would practice daily, you would one day master this technique and become a pro. To click fast in KOHI test, your palm should be resting calmly and perfectly on your mouse and your index and middle fingers should be ready to take the orders from your brain. Once your hand placement is correct, it is matter of seconds that you would be clicking faster than you previously used to. Make sure you are not under any stress and your nerves are calm as a tiger before its prey.

Is KOHI click test safe to use?

Yes, KOHI Click Test is hundred percent safe to use. Only two fingers, your index and middle fingers are being used in this test and your palm is resting safely on the mouse. There is no stress caused on your hand or wrist and once you master this technique, you would see how easily and calmly you can outperform any one of your opponents.

Is KOHI clicking better than Jitter clicking?

The studies show that clicking test Kohi is much safer than Jitter clicking. As Jitter clicking can cause stress on your hand and wrist, hence causing permanent damage to those areas. Whereas KOHI clicking causes no stress what so ever and can be used as many times in a day as possible.

Is extensive kohi clicking harmful for health?

As it is said, excess of everything is bad. Similarly if you would perform clicking extensively, there would come a time when your hand and fingers would be tired and sore. At that point, it is recommended to take a rest and let your hand and fingers release the pressure. Once they are normal, you can again take the test or play games. It is also recommended to take breaks in between the games, so that with your hand and fingers, your mind also gets some rest.

What is the difference between Kohi clicking and Butterfly clicking?

Butterfly Speed Test is like Kohi Clicking in that both types of tests require you to click the mouse button using the index finger and the middle finger. An important difference, however, is that in Kohi click speed test you press only the left side mouse button, while in Butterfly click speed test you press both mouse buttons.


What is KOHI click test?

  • KOHI click test is an online test where you can come and experience the art of clicking faster as compared to regular clicking. It is a technique which is used by the gamers extensively worldwide to score more in the games and beat their opponents fair and square.

How to improve clicking speed & click faster in KOHI click speed test?

  • You can improve your clicking speed by practising day and night and mastering the different techniques over time. The hand and finger placement over the mouse is a key factor to increase your clicking speed.

What is average KOHI clicking speed?

  • On average a person can click 4 to 6 times in a second using this KOHI technique. But once you have mastered this technique, you can increase your CPS up to 10 to 12 times.

What is fastest KOHI clicking speed?

  • If you have mastered this technique, then 10 to 12 clicks in a second would be considered fast.

What is the highest KOHI CPS speed?

  • The highest KOHI CPS Speed recorded in 17 clicks per second. And it is also the world record for fastest clicks using KOHI technique.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI clicks per second test?

  • The world record for most clicks per second is 17 CPS.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI 5 seconds test?

  • The world record for most KOHI clicks in 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI 10 seconds test?

  • The world record for most KOHI clicks in 10 seconds is 12.1 CPS.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI 20 seconds test?

  • The world record for most KOHI clicks in 20 seconds is 10.5 CPS.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI 30 seconds test?

  • The world record for most KOHI clicks in 30 seconds is 10 CPS.

What is the world record of most clicks in KOHI clicks per minute test?

  • The world record for most KOHI clicks in 60 seconds is 9.7 CPS.