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What is keyboard tester?

Keyboard test is an online tool which is largely used to check whether all the keys of a keyboard are working properly or not. This tool works on laptops as well as desktops irrespective of their model and brand. This tool helps you to check whether all of your keys are working correctly or not without making an effort.

Why people need an online keyboard test?

The reason for using the online keyboard test is the flexibility of the user and also after using this tool a user can diagnose their keyboard for the malfunctions and errors. It prevents the users to unnecessarily make purchases of new keyboards for small malfunctions and deceiving salesmen. It is easy to use and does not require any prior download or registration, in other words, users can keep their keyboards working properly for free.

This online tool works accurately with almost all the keyboards available in the market. The keyboard provided on the screen is a standard keyboard and anyone can use this keyboard checker without any hesitation and worries.

Anyone can use this tool, while sitting at their home or office. A programmer uses all keys of a keyboard, a steno typist mostly uses the alphabetic keys and a gamer on the hand, uses the indication keys. In short every needs their keys to work properly and efficiently.

How to test keys with keyboard checker online?

  • Visit and look for the “Keyboard Test” in the menu
  • Navigate to that page and look for the virtual keyboard on your screen
  • The colours of the keyboard on your screen will tell you about the results of your pressed keys
  • Once you press a certain key, it will “Lit up” on the virtual keyboard
  • You can also press multiple keys at a time to see whether all the keys work simultaneously or not
  • If this online test displays the respond immediately, it means your keyboard is in mint condition
  • But if the response is delayed, that means you need to check your keyboard and make sure it is clean and the buttons are being pressed properly
  • You can continue this process for as long as you want.

Some useful guides you may need whilst testing keyboard

  • If you want to test the Numeric keypad, you need to be sure that “num lock” is turned on
  • This online tool will also help you test the F1 to F12 keys. Once you will press anyone of those keys, it will light up on the virtual keyboard on your screen
  • The tester cannot different between the duplicate keys such as “Shift, CTRL, ALT and ENTER”, so you need to make sure you press them individually
  • Every time you would press a key, it would light up on the virtual keyboard
  • Once you are online, you should check every key on your keyboard whether it is working properly or not. It would hardly take couple of minutes of your time
  • If all the keys light up on the virtual keyboard individually, then be happy. Your keyboard is in pristine condition
  • The keyboard that you are seeing on your screen is designed to resemble a general English Keyboard or an American Keyboard Layout, but it is not the exact match.
  • This will work out with any layout the difference would be of the position of a particular key.

Salient features of key pressing test

The features of this online tool are given as under.

  • This tool will provide you with “Accurate Results”
  • This tool is able to checks all keys on your keyboard including the sticky keys and also checks multiple keys at one time
  • This tools lightens up the key which you have pressed to check on your keyboard
  • This tool is totally free and easy to use
  • This tool does not require any registration or any kind
  • This tool is compatible with all browsers and all the keyboards available in the market
  • This tool tests the keys online and you don’t need to rush to a computer mechanic if your keyboard is not working properly
  • This tool does not require any software downloading/ installation on your system

Keyboard trouble shooting guides & fixes

A keyboard is an essential hardware part of the computer and one of the most using device too. Therefore, it often faces problem time to time.  If you are facing any issue whilst using the keyboard you may need following guides related to common problems with keyboard and their fixes.

Keyboard’s keys are getting stuck

Keyboard keys are getting stuck is a problem caused by either dust building up inside your keyboard or a sticky liquid under the keys. Most commonly, this issue gets resolved when you properly clean your keyboard. If you didn’t know, you can pull the keys out of your keyboard to access the surface beneath your keyboard, making the cleaning process more manageable.

Wrong symbol/letter appears when pressing a key on the keyboard

It could be an issue with either your keyboard’s driver or your operating system’s language settings. To download and install new drivers, head over to your keyboard manufacturer’s website and look for your keyboard’s model, or use an automatic driver finder, such as Drive Booster. Read the “How to change keyboard language” section below to fix your operating system’s language settings.

Keys on the Num-pad do not work

Key not working on the Num-pad is a widespread problem that is usually fixed by pressing the “Num Lock” key on the top-right side of your keyboard. The button “Num Lock” toggles your keyboard’s Num-pad area between two states: numeric state and alternative function state.

Keyboard is not responding at all

First of all, check if any of the keyboard’s lights are on. If you cannot find any lights, then press your “Caps Lock” key. If no lights have still turned on, then there might be an issue with either your cable or the keyboard isn’t correctly connected to your computer.

It might be that the keyboard is damaged beyond repair, and it is time to buy a new keyboard.

Keyboard Checker – FAQ’s

 How can I test my keyboard?

  • You can test your keyboard by going online and type CPSTEST.INFO in any browser, then find “Keyboard tester” in the menu bar and open that tool to test keyboard keys. This tool designed specifically for testing your keyboard.
  • You can test your keyboard via conducting a typing test. For typing you can use any text editing tool like Note Pad, Word Pad or MS Word or you can also use any online typing tool.

How do you test if all keys on keyboard are working?

You can test whether all of the keys on your keyboard are working properly by using this tool and individually pressing each key. If a key on the virtual keyboard lights up, that means every key of your keyboard is working properly.

How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

These are the steps you should follow while fixing unresponsive keys.

  • First of all check if your keyboard is plugged in properly, if not, unplug it and plug it back in again
  • Also check whether the cable that is connecting the keyboard is not damaged, if so, change the cable and try again
  • If you are using a cordless keyboard, make sure the batteries are not expired
  • If everything previously mentioned is okay, you need to clean your keyboard from inside
  • You can also see whether the keyboard settings and drivers are up to date
  • Make sure that you have the right keyboard layout

How can I find the keys on my laptop keyboard?

Follow these steps to find the keys on your laptop keyboard

  • Click on “Start”
  • The select “Control Panel”
  • Click on “System”
  • Then select “Open Device Manager”
  • Right click on the listing of your laptop’s keyboard

How do you diagnose keyboard problems?

Follow these easy steps to diagnose keyboard problems

  • Right click on the listing for your computers keyboard
  • Select the “Scan for hardware changes” option from the menu
  • The device manager will now test your keyboard.
  • If an “error” icon appears next to the listing, then there is a problem with your computer’s keyboard

Why keyboard suddenly cannot type?

There are several factors which can cause a keyboard to stop working. The most common among these factors are

  • Low battery
  • Physical damage
  • Driver and software issue
  • Firmware issue

How do I reset my keyboard?

Unplug your keyboard, while the keyboard is unplugged, press the ESC button. Keep pressing the ESC button and plug the keyboard back into your computer. After about 5 seconds, release the ESC key and your keyboard will be reset.

Why are the letters on my keyboard not working?

If the letters on your keyboard are not working, try to press the window key and space bar key simultaneously. Sometimes this is enough to revive the letters on your keyboard. If you are using a desktop keyboard, try unplugging and then again plugging back in your non working keyboard. I hope this fixes your issue.

How do I test a key on my keyboard?

  • You can check any key on keyboard by going online and by visiting “CPSTEST.INFO”, then find and visit “Keyboard tester” in the menu bar, a virtual keyboard is available there. Finally, start pressing and key on your physical keyboard. Whilst pressing any key on physical keyboard, the same key on virtual keyboard will Lit-up. This means your key is working perfectly.
  • You can test any key by using any text editing tool like Note Pad, Word Pad or MS Word.

How many keys can you press on a keyboard at once test?

You can press 6 keys maximum simultaneously on your keyboard. This concept is called “rollover”. Which only mean is that how well your keyboard can understand if multiple keys are being pressed at a time. Most keyboards can only correctly register that 6 keys are being pressed simultaneously.

How do I know if my keyboard keys are not working?

In order to test and verify about any keyboard’s key you need to test it online via any keyboard key pressing tester. We recommend you to use keyboard key press testing tool available on “”. In this way you’ll be able to know check all keys of your keyboard whether these are working fine or not.

How do you use a keyboard tester?

  1. Check the keys on the vertical keyboard and make sure the lighted keys correspond to the keys you pressed on the physical keyboard.
  2. Click the reset button to reset everything, and then click the keyboard test button to verify that the keyboard is working properly.
  3. Make sure that a combination of keys does not result in a keyboard lockup. Test several keys together to be certain that they can run simultaneously.
  4. If the online keyboard tester responds immediately each time you press, your keyboard is working appropriately. If all or only some keys partly respond, then the keyboard probably has problems.
  5. Check your keyboard only key doing an online test and be sure everything works.

How do I fix my keyboard keys not working?

The following step may help you to fix your keyboard;

  1. Check whether your keyboard is functioning properly as soon as possible.
  2. Remove and replace your keyboard to make certain the device is operating correctly.
  3. A second keyboard may also be used to address your problem.
  4. If you are utilising a Bluetooth keyboard, confirm that it is currently active and that it is connected.
  5. Reconnect your keyboard to your computer (for wireless keyboards).
  6. Try a different USB port (wired keyboard).
  7. Check the keyboard’s battery level as it can suffer from performance problems.

If you still facing the issues after trying everything mentioned above then It’s advised to have a local technician repair or replace your device.

How to change keyboard language?

Changing the keyboard language depends on the operating system you are using. Find your operating system in the list below.

Changing keyboard language on Windows

  1. Open “Start Menu” by pressing the Windows key
  2. Open up “Settings”
  3. From the window that opened, choose “Time & Language”
  4. On the left side menu, click “Language” and then “Options”
  5. Scroll down to the “Keyboards” section to add or remove keyboard languages

Changing keyboard language on Mac OS

  1. Click on the Apple logo at the top left of your screen
  2. Choose “System Preferences”
  3. In the System Preferences window, click on Keyboard
  4. Go to “Input sources” tab
  5. Press the “+” sign to add new keyboard language

Changing keyboard language on Ubuntu

  1. Open “Settings” window
  2. Look for “Region & Language” and click on it
  3. Under “Input sources”, click the “+” sign to add a new language

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