Butterfly Click Test

Butterfly Click Test

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What is Butterfly Clicking?

Butterfly click test is a technique used by the gamers to click the mouse button or any other button as fast as they can. This technique usually involves using two fingers (mostly index and middle finger) instead of one, alternatively pressing the mouse button one after another, which gives more cps as a result than any other legal technique available. Once this technique is mastered, then it gives you way more clicks per second as compared to other techniques.

How is it different from the traditional clicking methods?

Butterfly clicking test is different from the traditional clicking because it involves two finger whereas, in traditional or any other technique, only one finger is used.

How to do butterfly click perfectly?

There are several steps that you need to follow to Butterfly Speed Test:

  • First you need to have a gaming mouse which would bear the pressure and simultaneous clicks by the user. The usual house hold mouse is not meant to withstand this sort of usage and pressure.
  • Then you should place your index finger and middle finger on one of the mouse buttons.
  • Hold the mouse with your hand to get a good grip and prevent the mouse from sliding from underneath you once you start hitting the mouse button with your fingers.
  • Once you have positioned your fingers over the mouse, start hitting your fingers alternatively on the same mouse button, creating a double click effect.
  • Make sure you are focused and alternatively hitting the mouse buttons.
  • Enjoy the high CPS afterwards.

Types & Usage of Butterfly Click Speed Test

  • Butterfly clicking speed test technique can be used for both mouse buttons. In this case, a user will press the two mouse buttons independently and alternatively with two different fingers.
  • It can also be used for a single mouse button, right and left independently. In this case, a user will use a single mouse button with two different fingers working alternatively on a similar button.
  • Butterfly Test can also be used for spacebar key in the keyboard. The same positioning of fingers is set on the keyboard and each finger presses alternatively one after another.

How to measure butterfly click speed and improve your skills?

You can come online and take the test of Butterfly Clicking; you can alter the time frame as per your needs and time availability. By taking that test, you can measure your Butterfly Click speed and if you are not satisfied with the results and you want to improve them, you can play several times until you get your desired results.

How to do Butterfly clicking very fast?

Once you have mastered the technique, and you are able to use your two fingers alternatively without any mix up and failure, you will be able to perform this technique properly and effectively which would eventually end up increasing your clicks per second speed. You can also increase the speed by using a professional gaming mouse instead of a commercial house hold mouse.

How to butterfly click in Minecraft & other games?

Butterfly clicking involves two fingers, mainly the index and the middle finger, and you have to slam both of your fingers alternately on the LMB ( left mouse button) at a steady speed. Butterfly clicking can increase the cps rate up to 16 cps! (As per the user experience), which is ideal for Minecraft PVP.

Butterfly Speed Test – FAQ’s

What does Butterfly Clicking mean?

  • Butterfly Clicking means using two fingers instead of one alternatively on the same button to increase your clicks per second speed. Like a butterfly uses its wings to fly with speed.

Is Butterfly clicking easy?

  • Yes, once you have mastered this technique with a lot of practice, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is use two fingers alternatively one by one carefully that the pattern is not disturbed.

What is the average butterfly clicking speed?

  • Average Butterfly clicking speed is 14 – 16 clicks per second.

What is the highest butterfly clicking speed?

  • Someone who is a master at this technique can go up to 30 clicks per second, but that has to be earned by a lot of practice and patience.

Is butterfly clicking faster than Jitter clicking?

  • Yes, Butterfly clicking is much faster than Jitter clicking. Average clicks per second speed in Jitter method is up to 10 clicks per second, but using butterfly method, it can go up to 16 clicks per second.

What is the world record for butterfly click speed test in 5 seconds?

  • 135 clicks is the world record for most clicks in 5 second using butterfly clicking. Which is 27 clicks per second.

What is the world record for butterfly click speed test in 10 seconds?

  • 260 clicks is the world record for most clicks in 10 second using butterfly click test. Making it 26 clicks per second score.

What is the world record for butterfly click speed test in 15 seconds?

  • 380 clicks is the world record for most clicks in 15 second using butterfly clicking test. Which is 25.33 clicks per second speed.

What is the world record for butterfly click speed test in 30 seconds?

  • 740 clicks is the world record for most clicks in 30 second using butterfly click test. Making it 24.66 clicks per second averagely.

What is the world record for butterfly click speed test in 60 seconds?

  • 1390 clicks is the world record for most clicks in 30 second using butterfly click test. Making it an average of 23.16 clicks in one second.

Can butterfly clicking hurt you?

  • No, butterfly clicking is a safe method of clicking a mouse button. There has been no record of anyone getting hurt by applying butterfly clicking technique.

Is butterfly clicking safe?

  • Yes, Butterfly clicking is a safe and easy to use technique.

Is Butterfly clicking cheating?

  • No, using a Butterfly Clicking technique is not cheating, rather it is a technique which can be learned by practising day and night.
  • No, Butterfly clicking is not ban able by any game or server to our knowledge unless some user fake reports you. Yes, you can be banned if you are using third party auto clicker software. But to be on a safe side, you should restrain from going above 20 clicks per second, it can cause you some problems.

Is butterfly click allowed in Hypixel?

  • All clicking methods are allowed unless you are using a third party auto clicker tool. But still if you would click more than 20 CPS, Hypixel can ban you depending if some user has reported you.

Can you Godbridge with butterfly clicking?

  • Yes, you can Godbridge with butterfly clicking method. But to do so, you need to have a lot of practice and also you need to perform the butterfly clicking technique on the same button, i.e. right mouse button or left mouse button.

How do you click a butterfly without double clicking?

  • To conduct a butterfly click test without double clicking, you’ll need to use a software program that can measure your mouse button clicks. Once you have the program open, click the button you want to test multiple times in a row and see how many times you can click it before it registers as a double click.

How do you aim with Butterfly click?

  • In order to correctly hit on the target while butterfly clicking, you need to aim first on the target. Once you point your aim on your target, you need to put some extra pressure on your mouse in order to avoid chances of missing your aim on target. Then your can start clicking as fast as you can without loosing aim on your target.

Can butterfly clicking be done through any mouse?

  • No. For Butterfly clicking, you need to have a professional gaming mouse and pad. The mouse which can withstand whilst continuous presses the buttons for a long period of time.

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