CPS TEST – Click Speed Test

CPS TEST – Click Speed Test

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What is CPS Test?

CPS Test is an abbreviation for “Clicks per Seconds” test. It can be defined as “How many times a person can click a button in a given time frame”. The more you can click a button in less time, the more CPS you would generate.

Click speed test would also tell you about your active and attentive nature during a specific task. The more attentive you are, the more score you can get and the more score you would attain, the more clicks per seconds you would generate.

What is CPS Tester?

CPS Tester is another term used for CPS Test. It is the same score that you would generate after playing a certain CPS game with different times frames to play for. Some people search over the internet with CPS Tester keyword and others search simply by CPS Test.

What is CPS Counter?

As the name suggests, this is a test that would tell the counts of clicks per second. This game is basically used by the professional gamers to calculate the speed of clicks they do within given number of seconds. It may vary from 1 second to 100 seconds and more. Besides this website, you can also use a stop watch to measure your clicks per seconds, but that will not give you accurate results for your test. This website was developed specifically to measure the exact results and clicks of a mouse through clicks per second counter tool.
How is the click per second score being calculated in CPS Counter?

The click per second score through CPS Counter is calculated by average number of clicks made in the duration of a CPS Tester. It has a simple formula i.e. “number of clicks/number of seconds” and this will give you clicks per second via CPS Counter. The faster you would click, the higher your CPS will be.

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How to choose best time interval for speed clicker test?

Choosing the best time interval for a Click Speed Test depends on the reason why you are taking this test in the first place. If your motto is to be number one in the gaming world, where clicks matter more than any other thing, then it is suggested that you should take 5 seconds test. It is a fun game to play with friends as well.

The 5 seconds test is recommended because if you would choose any other time frame than 5 seconds, be it a 1 second test or 30 seconds test, eventually you would get tired of clicking for 30 seconds continuously and straight without a break and therefore the results would not be accurate. Similarly, if you would choose a 1 second test, it would end before it even started and again you would not get the accurate CPS Test results that you are looking for.

This online website has different time frames where you can check you speed instantly by choosing a different time frame every time. The time frame options are as under:

• 1 Second Click Test:

CPS test 1 second allows you to check your clicking speed in a second. The number of times you can click your mouse button within 1 second would give you CPS results for 1 second. The 1 second click speed test record according to the Google is “16 clicks in 1 second”.

• 5 Seconds Click Test:

Click speed test 5 seconds as the name itself tells you, this test would give you your CPS results for 5 seconds time frame. It means how fast do you click your mouse button within 5 seconds time frame and after the time is up, you will see the results for your test immediately. The world record for the 5 seconds click test is 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

• 10 Seconds Click Test:

Click speed test 10 seconds will give you the results for your clicking performance in 10 seconds. The number of times you click a mouse button within 10 seconds frame, will give you a CPS results for 10 seconds. The highest CPS Test results for 10 seconds time frame are 142 clicks.

• 15 Seconds Click Test:

Click speed test 15 seconds determines whether you are active and dedicated enough to click enough times in 15 seconds and you would not get tired and bored. This test will give you score of how many times you can click in 15 seconds. The highest numbers of clicks in 15 seconds are 213 non consecutive clicks.

• 20 Seconds Click Test:

Click speed test 20 seconds, in which you have to click as fast and smoothly as possible to see how many clicks you have counter in the 20 second time frame. The highest number of clicks in 20 seconds is 284 clicks, which accounts for 14.2 clicks per second.

• 30 Seconds Click Test:

In Click speed test 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds to click as many times as you can to see how many times you have clicked. The key is to be active and mentally present for this game. As the times increases, the number of clicks decreases because a person gets tired as the time increases. The highest numbers of clicks in this time frame are counted as 426.

• 60 Seconds Click Test:

The numbers of clicks per minute (CPM) are determined by the times you have pressed the mouse button within 60 seconds. This test is never recommended because in 60 seconds a person gets tired of clicking again and again and the results of this test will not be as accurate as the results of lower/smaller seconds.

The highest numbers of clicks in 60 second time frame are 582, which accounts for 9.7 CPS. This clearly shows that if you would increase the time frame, the accuracy and number of times you have clicked a mouse button decreases.

• 100 Seconds Click Test:

The world record for click speed test 100 Seconds is 820 clicks, which in per second accounts for 8.2 CPS. As discussed earlier, as the time frame for the test increases, the efficiency decreases. It is a test which tells you how many times you have clicked a mouse button in 100 seconds.

As gamers ourselves, we would recommend you to take a test of clicks per seconds for the time frame of 3 and 5 seconds. In our website, we have given this option, as these time frames give you the maximum efficiency test results. As the time frame would decrease, the maximum number of clicks for a specific time frame increases, hence giving you the best results possible.

Salient Features of CPS Tester:

Taking the clicks per second online test can help with you in a lot of ways which you never thought of. The benefits of taking these tests are as following:

It is important to have good clicking speed while playing games. This online test will provide you with unlimited chances to practice and improve your clicking speed every time. The higher the clicking speed, more the chances are to win at games.

  • As you take more tests like these with different time frames, the more you would increase you CPS results and as a result, you would automatically start taking leads at the scoreboards.
  • Increase in your clicking speed means you would be having low responsive time and that would eventually help with fast action games.
  • With CPS Counter by your side, you would be able to perform under stress and you would also be able to use different techniques and strategies like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking etc.
  • With the help of clicks per second timer in your vision, you would have more chances in winning the game and defeating your enemies.
  • With a little practice with these tests, you can be a leader in games such as Mine Craft and other shooting games.
  • These tests provide you with different time frames to practice and master each one of them.
  • With the simple and user friendly interface, you would have to go through minimum hassle.
  • These tests are free and they would give you unlimited chances to practice and aim well.

What are the types of Click Test?

Not only this website supports the clicking test, there are several other tests which we support and encourage you people to take. Following are the various click tests that we offer on our website.

• Mouse Click Test:

This test tells you whether you mouse is working properly or not. The right click button, left click button, mouse pointer and mouse stroller button are in their perfect health and are working at their maximum efficiency or not. The test is similar to that of click per second test. There are different time frames, you can select anyone of them and in between that time frame, you need to press any button you want to check randomly and keep on pressing that button until the clock runs out.

• Keyboard Click Test:

There are tests present on this website which would tell you if any key on your keyboard needs to be worked on or not. There are 100 different keys on your laptop and on your keyboard and we have got tests for all of those keys on our website. So you can come and easily check any key you want, whether it is working properly or you need to fix it.

Similarly there are different time frames for the keyboard click test present and you can select anyone of them for a random key. You need to keep pressing that button for the maximum times until the timer stops and your testing ends.

• Space bar Click Test:

There is another test to check you spacebar key, whether it gives you the maximum efficiency when you need it the most, like in games where you need to perform a certain and specific action using that key. Again there are different time frames to check the working of your space bar key. By selecting a specific time frame, you will get to know about the working condition of your space bar and it would also tell you whether you need to fix it or not.

What are popular Clicking Methods?

This is small guide about the popular clicking methods used by the common people and gamers and also to see whether they are possible or not and if yes, how to perform them using a regular mouse. Given below are the most popular clicking methods:

1: Simple CPS Test

This method usually measures the standard clicking of an average person. The standard clicking speed is between 4 – 8 clicks per second for an average person. The clicking speed per second can be increased if you would take the test on regular basis and perform some finger and wrist exercises in your daily routine. It is a normal clicking routine of a person playing games or doing some clicking stuff.

2: Kohi Click Test:

One of the professionally used methods is Kohi Clicking. In this technique you use two fingers instead of one and you rapidly strike the mouse button alternatively to get more clicks per second, hence improving your clicks per second score. This technique involves rapid finger spasms, while they lift one finger the other finger is hitting the mouse button multiple times and the process is repeated several times. It is a common knowledge that the person using this technique would score more CPS, as multiple fingers are used.

3: Jitter Click Test:

The third type of clicking method is Jitter Clicking. When you perform this method, your hand is basically in a vibrational mode which is hard enough to click the mouse button. In this professional method, you place your hand in such a position where the palm of your hand and your wrist is not resting on the mouse but freely in the air, where the finger is touching the mouse button.

This method cannot be performed in a relax position but you need to be active and mentally present for the clicking. It is also said that while performing jitter clicking technique, you should take rests in between.

4: Butterfly Click Test:

Butterfly clicking is also another type of clicking technique, which involves two fingers for clicking like Kohi Clicking, to increase the clicks per second. The difference between the two is that in Butterfly Clicking, first finger is the middle finger and the other one is mainly index finger.

These two fingers work alternatively in pressing the left mouse button. This technique is also known to increase clicks per second, and as per different users experience, the CPS through this technique can go up to 16. This technique is very useful for Mine Craft players.

5: Right Click Test:

This is the test specifically for the right mouse button and no other key/button can be checked using this method. This is a test designed to see whether the right mouse button of your mouse is in working condition or not. Like other tests, you need to select a time frame for which you need to check the results of the right mouse button and take the test. If you are able to click about 6 times in a second, then it means your right mouse button is perfect and you don’t need to worry about anything.

6: Manual Click Test:

Manual Click Test is like any other CPS test, but the only difference is that in this test you don’t select a specific time frame for the test to end. You can continue clicking manually and can stop the test as per your requirements or if in case you are tired. In this technique you have to continue clicking for as long as you want and manually shut down the test by clicking the END button.

7: Auto Clicking:

Auto Click Test is performed by an independent automated tool which performs the mouse clicking automatically. In this test you personally don’t have to click any button, but the tool will do it for you automatically. As it is not performed by humans what so ever, so it is not considered to be valid under any circumstance.

How to test cps tool and get most of it?

In this section, you would be told how to take different tests and how to get most out every test that you take. In simple terms it can mean that if you feel you have a lower CPS, then how can you increase your CPS score so that you can very wells hare your results with your friends and don’t feel ashamed of them.

• What is CPS Tracker?

CPS Tracker is web based tool which would help you keep record of your score when you are taking a test. As the name suggests, it keeps track of your new and old scores as well. For example if you are taking a test for 3 seconds and you have clicked 22 times, then the CPS Tracker will tell you all the details about your test and also the CPS score, which in this case is 7.33 clicks per second.

• What is the role of CPS Timer?

The CPS Timers helps a person to know about their number of clicks in a specific time period. The times is there to automatically end the game when the time duration is up, which would tell a user taking a test whether he/she needs to improve his/her clicking speed or not. If there is no timer present, then it would not be any different from manual click test where a user has to end the game manually him/herself.

• How to check CPS Clicking Score?

To check your clicking score, you need to play the game of clicking speed test, which you can see on the top of the web page.

  • Look for the box that says “Click here to start playing”
  • Take your mouse cursor anywhere on that box and start clicking.
  • On your first click, the timer would be started, which is set by default for 5 seconds.
  • After the time is up, the game will automatically stop and you will come to know about your clicking speed for the 5 second time frame.
  • Then if you need to know CPS, simply divide the total number of clicks by 5 and you will get your result clicks per second. It is that simple.

CPS Tracking Chart – CPS Speed Test Score Table:

# CPS Score Table Results
1 0 To 5 CPS Clicks in Test Poor
2 6 To 8 CPS Clicks in Test Average
3 9 To 10 CPS Clicks in Test Good
4 10 To onward CPS Clicks in Test Excellent

How to Click Faster? Best Practices and Guides

You can always practice yourself to click faster, if in case you think you are slow at that. There are several different practising methods and steps which would help you with a great deal of clicking faster and improving your clicks per second. If you are a professional gamer, then you would know the importance of click faster and more accurate than a usual lay man. Several are the key point given under which would help you to improve your clicking speed as you spend more time practising.

  • You can always use clicking techniques like Jitter Clicking, Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking, which can be learned with every passing day.
  • You can use a mouse instead your laptop track pad. By using a mouse, you will be able to click faster as compared to using a laptop’s track pad.
  • You need to be fully dedicated and mentally present if you want to improve your clicking speed and click faster. If your mind and body are not interacting with each other at the same level, then you need to make sure they do when it comes to clicking tests and playing games.
  • The position of your hand on your mouse should be perfect in order to click faster. Always be attentive and prepared and make sure that your fingers rest just above the mouse buttons.
  • If you are a professional gamer and you play FPS or PVP games, then you need to have a gamer’s mouse instead of a regular mouse. The gamer’s mouse is designed for rapid clicking and when clicked, it is more responsive than a regular computer mouse.
  • You can always play online clicking games in your free time to increase your clicking speed. As it is said “practice makes a man perfect”, so you can keep practising and you would become pro at clicking one day.

Some people also ask that why do they need to have a faster clicking speed? The answer to this question is that as the technology and time has evolved, therefore entertainment is not only why the people play games any more. They like to compete with each other and see who is a professional at this.

The gaming industry has also evolved and now a lot of youngsters as well as adults take it as a profession and also earn money while playing. All the people who play games like Mine Craft or FPS games (First Person Shooter) or even PVP games (Player Vs Player), they are either competing with each other or making a legacy for themselves for the new gamers to come and see.

So if you would be having a higher clicking speed, it would eventually help you in beating all the other players and making a name for yourself in that particular circle. The high your clicking speed is, the more likely there are chances of you beating other people and taking a lead in the scoreboard.

You can always improve your clicks per second test results by taking more and freer online clicking tests. You can also improve your clicks per second by switching to a professional mouse instead of a normal computer mouse. You can use clicking techniques as well to improve your clicking speed and most importantly you need to be fully conscious and mentally present and dedicated to improve your clicking speed.

To track any clicking speed record, you can go online and search in Google for the results of any clicking speed record. If you are ambitious and want to break already prevailing records, you can take free online tests and put in all you have to break the previous record. If you manage to break a previous record, the test you are taking, will automatically make sure your score into a new world record.

Speed Clicker Test – A Social Gaming Tool:

The tests that available online, like this website, are not only used to improve clicking skills and compete professionally, but these tools and websites are also used by friends and groups to challenge each other and have fun at the same time.

These websites like ours, have this option that whenever you take a test, you can share the results with your friends through different applications, and see how others respond to it. These clicking tests are gaining popularity day by day on social media websites and other applications like TikTok or Facebook or Instagram, you think of it and you would find it over there.

CPS Tracker – FAQs:

How many Clicks in a second are fast?

  • The average clicks per second are about 6 or 7. If you are talking about fast, then it would be said that 14.1 clicks in a second are fast, which is also a world record.

How many clicks per second is average?

  • About 6 or 7 clicks per second is considered average. Anything below than this score is poor and needs to be worked on.

How fast you can click in 1 second?

  • An average human can click about 6 or 7 times in one second. But the world record for the fastest clicking in one second is 14.1 times.

How fast can a person click in 5 seconds?

  • The world record for the highest clicks in 5 seconds is 70 clicks, so if you are a pro, then you can click as fast as 70 times in 5 seconds.

How fast you can click in 10 seconds?

  • The maximum numbers of clicks you can perform in 10 seconds are 140 clicks. So if you are fast enough, you can match this record.

How fast you can click in 30 seconds?

  • The world record for the maximum number of clicks is 830 clicks. This account for 27 CPS and this is fast.

How fast you can click in 1 minute?

  • If you are a world record holder, then you can perform 10 CPS making it 600 clicks in a minute.

How fast you can click in 100 seconds?

  • You can click as fast as 8.2 CPS making it total of 820 clicks in 100 seconds.

What is the highest CPS in 1 second?

  • The highest CPS is 14.2 CPS making it a world record and the maximum number of clicks ever performed in 1 second.

What is the fastest CPS in 10 seconds?

  • The fastest CPS within 10 seconds is 14.2, making total of 142 clicks in 10 seconds.

What is the fastest CPS in 30 seconds?

  • The fastest CPS in 30 seconds time frame is 27.6, averaging total of 830 clicks in 30 seconds.

What is the fastest CPS in 60 seconds?

  • The fastest CPS in a minute’s time frame is 16 hence, making it 960 clicks in 60 seconds.

What is the fastest CPS in 100 seconds?

  • The fastest CPS in 100 seconds is 8.2 totalling 820 clicks.

What is the average CPS click speed test?

  • The average CPS is a click speed test is 6.2. But if you are a super human, then it can go up to 14.2 CPS.

What is the average human click speed in 5 seconds?

  • An average person can click up to 35 clicks in 5 seconds. The world record for maximum number of clicks in 5 seconds is 70.

What is the average clicker speed test in 10 seconds?

  • An average click speed of a person in 10 seconds is around 62, making it 6.2 CPS.

What is the average CPS in 30 seconds?

  • Averagely a person can perform 210 to 300 clicks in 30 seconds. Therefore 30 second CPS ranges from 7 – 10 CPS.

What are the average clicks per minute?

  • A normal person can perform up to 400 clicks in a minute, therefore 60 seconds CPS is 6.6.

What is the average CPS test score in 100 seconds test?

  • An average CPS in a 100 second clicking test is 6 – 7 clicks in proportion to 100 seconds for a normal person. Total score can be calculated by multiplying clicks per second with the total number of seconds, which give you around 600 – 700 score in 100 seconds.

What is the world record for most clicks in a second?

  • The world record for most clicks in a second is 14.2 CPS.

What is the world record for most clicks in 5 seconds?

  • The world record for the maximum number of clicks in 5 seconds is 70. Making it 14 clicks per second.

What is the world record for most clicks in 10 seconds?

  • The world record for maximum number of clicks in 10 seconds is 142 clicks i.e. 14.2 CPS.

What is the world record for most clicks in 30 seconds?

  • Tom Andre Seppola holds the world record for most number of clicks in 30 seconds, i.e. 830 clicks accounting for 27.66 CPS.

What is the world record for most clicks in 60 seconds?

  • The world record for most number of clicks in a minute is 9.2 CPS, totalling 552 clicks in a minute.

What is the world record for most clicks in 100 seconds?

  • The world record for the fastest clicking in 100 seconds is 8.2 CPS, which means someone clicked 820 times on a mouse button in 100 seconds.

What is my CPS Tapping Pace?

  • You can check you CPS Tapping Pace by taking a clicking test online. But an according to a survey, an average person can click 6.2 times in a second.

How fast you can click?

  • As an average person, you can click 6.2 times in a second, but if you are a super human, then you can click around 14 times in a second.

What is the best timing to test my CPS clicking speed?

  • We encourage people to take 3 seconds or 5 seconds CPS test, because it is a lower time frame and you don’t get tired of clicking continuously without any stop.

How fast can a normal person click?

  • If a normal person takes a 5 seconds CPS test, on average clicks per second would b 6 – 7.

Who is the world’s fastest clicker?

  • Jordan Hum is the world’s fastest clicker who holds the world record for the maximum number of clicks in 30 seconds i.e. 27.66 CPS.

Is 10 clicks per second good?

  • On average, most people would easily attain 8 – 10 clicks per second. So yes, it is good if you can click 10 times in a second.

What is the highest CPS in Minecraft?

  • By using techniques like butterfly clicking or drag clicking, Mine Craft players can click up to 60 CPS.

How do you get high CPS is Mine Craft?

  • To increase your CPS in Minecraft, you need to have a professional mouse. You would also need to practice clicking on blocks with a carrot to improve your CPS. Then you will know how many times you have clicked each block in your Minecraft world.

What is the cps test unblocked?

  • The cps counter unblocked is a simple, free, and Web-based tool that anyone can use. All you have to do is click on the button to begin clicking! The timer will start when you click on the button, and end when you complete test. If you want to increase your game-playing skills or just want to observe how fast your finger can move, the mouse click test unblocked is an excellent method to get started. With this simple online tool, you can compare your clicking speed and compare it with others.